GPs are contracted to provide a service for all people within a National Service Framework. Unfortunately, more and more of the workload consist of reports for solicitors, employers, the DSS, the police, insurance companies etc. Much of this cannot be done in normal working hours, and therefore, GPs are entitled to expect a fee for these duties. Sometimes the patient will be responsible for the fee. Details are available from reception.

Please note that this includes insurance claim forms and “To who it may concern” letters. We do not countersign passport applications. Charges may also be made for the following:

Access to records Accident and sickness insurance medicals and reports Certificates (e.g. driving fitness) Fitness to attend school examination Sports Medicals etc.

Private Referrals
Many patients have private health insurance. Others do not, but may prefer to see a consultant privately on occasion.

Your doctor will be happy to arrange a referral for you, but it is important that he/she is consulted first. It is hard for us to do an accurate letter when you may not have seen the doctor in a long time.

Also, please check with your insurance company whether or not you problem is covered, because it will be very costly to you if your insurers refuse to pay. This can happen if you see a specialist about a recurrent problem.

Your GP may have to fill in a claim form at some stage (for which a fee is payable, as claim forms are not part of our GP’s service requirement and have to be filled in on personal time); the claim form usually asks if the problem has occurred in the past.

Please be aware that the surgery cannot be responsible for any costs incurred during the course of private treatment.

Please try and allow five working days for referrals to be prepared.